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BSN GIRO Account

Enjoy the benefits of a BSN GIRO Account and begin saving today!


»   Applicant's Identity Card and a completed BSN GIRO Account Application Form.
»   Minimum amount for account opening according to category as follows:

Category Age Minimum Savings Amount
Adult 16 years and above
Teen 13-15 years
Children 7-12 years
Joint Account  7 years and above
Trust Account 18 years and above (guardian) /  7 years and below (children)
Special Category Age Minimum Savings Amount
Open for salary 18 years and above
Scholarship 15 years and above
Skim Galakan Simpanan
Pelajar (SGSP)
7 years and above
Kelab Penabung Muda  7 years and above
Kesatuan Kebajikan Masyarakat - RM10.00
School children* - RM10.00


»  Dormant Giro Account for 7 years will be closed in accordance to Unclaimed Money Act 1965.
»  Opening of accounts can be performed at any BSN Branch.


Types of Account

»   Individual Account: Maintained by one account holder only.
»   Trust Account: Under the name of one account holder, but maintained by a Trustee as his / her representative.
»   Joint Account: Maintained by two account holders.


»  BSN GIRO Card is only meant for ATM transactions and enquiries only. It cannot be used for purchase of goods and services.


Features & Benefits

»   GIRO transactions can be performed at any BSN Branch and BSN ATM, regardless of where you opened your account.
»   Savings, withdrawal and fund transfers can be made at any BSN Counters or BSN ATM.
»   An option of ATM and CDM services.
»   Withdrawals at any BSN ATM as well as other banks' ATMs with MEPS.
»   PLUS services (withdrawal and balance enquiry) at any ATM with PLUS logo displayed, throughout Malaysia and 
»   VISA Electron services with the convenience of shopping at any retail outlets that displays VISA Electron logo, throughout
     Malaysia and abroad, using BSN Matrix Card.
»   Visa payWave services with multi-privilege that offers a host of benefits to help you live your life easy and
     debt free by using BSN VISA payWave Debit Card.
»   Interbank GIRO (IBG) services.
»   Interbank Fund Transfer (IBFT) services via ATM. Bill Payment services via ATM and Standing Instruction.
»   Convenience of SMS Banking.

GIRO Programmes

Join various programmes and contests especially catered for BSN GIRO Account Holders.
»  Kelab Penabung Muda
»  Skim Galakan Simpanan Pelajar (SGSP)

Withdrawal Limit at BSN ATM

Age RequirementWithdrawal Amount Limit (per day)Number of Transaction Limit (per day)
13 - 15 years old (Teens) Maximum of RM1000 Maximum 3 transactions
16 years old and above (Adults) Maximum of RM5000 Maximum 4 transactions


BSN GIRO Account  (effective 1 December 2013)

Balance in AccountInterest Rate
Up to RM5,000 0.40%
Up to RM50,000 0.60%
Above RM50,000 1.00%


»  Increased interest rates upon monthly minimum savings balance.
»  Payment of dividend is credited to your account annually. 


Fees & Charges

Account Passbook only Free
New debit/ATM card application RM12
Replacement debit/ATM card RM12
Annual service card RM8.00
Dormant Savings Account
Balance of RM10 and below Account closed and balance absorbed
Balance above RM10 RM10 yearly


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