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Open a BSN GIRO to enjoy greater flexibility and convenience in your banking transactions.

Features & Benefits

» Convenient ATM and CDM services throughout Malaysia.
» GIRO transactions at any BSN Branch or BSN ATM, regardless of home account.
» Deposits, withdrawals or fund transfers at any BSN Counter or BSN ATM as well as other banks'
   ATMs with MEPS.
» Interbank Fund Transfer (IBFT) services via BSN ATM.
» Bill Payment services via BSN ATM and Standing Instruction.
» Interbank GIRO (IBG) services.
» Convenient SMS Banking.
» PLUS services (withdrawal and balance enquiry) via any ATM with the PLUS logo displayed,
   throughout Malaysia and abroad.
» Shopping convenience in over 29 million merchants worldwide with BSN Matrix Debit Card (available
   with BSN GIRO accounts). Valid at any retail outlet that displays the VISA logo.
» Convenient and debt-free lifestyle with VISA payWave Debit Card that comes equipped MEPS, Touch
   ‘n Go, PLUSMiles and BCard loyalty program. Available for all BSN GIRO accountholders.
» Membership to GIRO Programmes - BSN Smart Junior, Skim Galakan Simpanan Pelajar (SGSP)



» Applicant's Identity Card and a completed BSN GIRO Account Application Form.
» Minimum amount for account opening according to category is as follows:

Category Age Minimum Savings Amount
Adult 16 years and above
Teen 13-15 years
Children 7-12 years
Joint Account  7 years and above
Trust Account 18 years and above (guardian) /  7 years and below (children)
Special Category Age Minimum Savings Amount
Open for salary 18 years and above
Scholarship 15 years and above
Skim Galakan Simpanan
Pelajar (SGSP)
7 years and above
BSN Smart Junior  7 years and above
Kesatuan Kebajikan Masyarakat - RM10.00
School children* - RM10.00


» BSN Giro Account dormant for 7 years will be closed in accordance to Unclaimed Money Act 1965.
» Opening of accounts can be performed at any BSN Branch.


Types of Account

» Individual Account: Maintained by one account holder only.
» Trust Account: Under the name of one account holder, but maintained by
    a Trustee as his / her representative.
» Joint Account: Maintained by two account holders.



» BSN GIRO Card is only meant for ATM transactions and enquiries only. It cannot
   be used for purchase of goods and services.


Withdrawal Limit at BSN ATM

Age RequirementWithdrawal Amount Limit (per day)Number of Transaction Limit (per day)
13 - 15 years old (Teens) Maximum of RM1000 Maximum 3 transactions
16 years old and above (Adults) Maximum of RM5000 Maximum 4 transactions


» BSN GIRO (effective 1 November 2016 )

Balance in AccountInterest Rate (% p.a.)
All balances 0.25%


» Interest is calculated based on monthly minimum balance and credited yearly.

Fee & Charges

Account Passbook only Free
New debit/ATM card application RM12
Replacement debit/ATM card RM12
Annual service card RM8.00
Dormant Savings Account
Balance of RM10 and below Account closed and balance absorbed
Balance above RM10 RM10 yearly


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