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BSN SEDAR Acccount

Enjoy greater returns with better rates and bonuses up to 30% in interest earned. Start now, with a minimum savings of RM50.


»  Individuals aged 18 years and above.

Types of Account

»  Individual Account
»  Joint Account 


»  Accounts can be opened at any BSN Branch.
»  Your Passbook will be issued immediately.
»  Government Employees and private organisations may contact the nearest BSN Branch
    to open account, in groups
»  Customers can own more than one SEDAR Account.

Features & Benefits

»  Fixed and attractive returns.
»  Minimum opening amount for savings is only RM50. You will need to continuously credit RM50 every month 
    to your SEDAR Account until the 24-months contract expires.
»  Your monthly savings must be credited to your SEDAR Account within the first seven (7) days of each month
    to be entitled for the interest rate for the said month. Each savings will receive the interest rate that is 
    calculated upon the minimum monthly balance and interest will be credited to your account annually.
»  Savings can be performed via Salary Deduction, Standing Instruction or at BSN Counters.
»  Withdrawals are not permitted within the 24-months contract.

 Note:  BSN reserves the right to amend any Terms & Conditions from time to time. 

Interest Rates & Bonus

(Effective 8 May 2009)

Savings PeriodAnnual Interest RateBonus
First Year (12 months) 2.5% 15% bonus upon interest received
Second Year (24 months) 2.5% 30% bonus upon interest received
Subsequent Years 2.5% 30% bonus upon interest received


»  Interest and bonus will be credited to your SEDAR Account after 12 months and 24 months.
»  Once your 24-months contract expires,you are not allowed to continue your savings in SEDAR Account.
»  However, you will be able to enjoy higher returns upon your account balance in the subsequent years.
»  If you would like to continue and enjoy the SEDAR Account rates, you need to open a new account.
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