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Need extra funds to fullfil your dream? We are here to provide you loan facilities with affordable rates.

Personal Loans

Get the funds you need quickly with a personal loan. Our personal loans are affordable and flexible - specially cater to your needs.

»  ASB Loan (SPD ASB) With Floating Rate         
»  Executive-1                       
»  Exec-1 Loan with Floating Rate
  Sandaran Sijil Simpanan Tetap (STT)
  SCOP (Klasik)
»  SCOP (Super Klasik B)  
»  BPA (Klasik)     
»  BPA (Super Klasik B)  
»  SKAP (Klasik)           
»  SKAP (Super Klasik B)  
»  SKAN (Klasik)   
»  SKAN (Super Klasik B)  

Business Loan

With the Fixed interest rate 4% per annum, your dream to develop your Business will much easier.

»  Night Market Trader Scheme   

Property Loans

Dream of your perfect home? Be it a big, roomy bungalow, or a warm, cosy terrace house - your dreams will soon become a reality with our finest selection of Home Loans. 

»  GIRO Home   
»  Program Perumahan Rakyat   
»  GIRO Commercial   
»  Youth Housing Scheme



»  GIRO Home   
»  Program Perumahan Rakyat   
»  GIRO Commercial
»  Youth House Scheme


Vehicle Loans

Does the traditional way of buying a car still work for you? Hire Purchase is one of the simplest ways of buying a new car. Just lay down a deposit you can afford, then pay the rest off over the next few years. Straightforward, simple and convenient! 

»  Hire Purchase Financing   
»  Skim Sewa Beli Pemilik Teksi / Kereta Sewa Baru (SPTB)   
»  Skim Sewa Pemilik Bas Sekolah Baru 1Malaysia (SPB1M)


Creative Industry Loan

Creative Industry Loan offers a competitive interest rate with convenient processing to encourage Malaysia's creative talents in realising their dreams.

»  Creative Industry Loan