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BSN Wealth Management

Easy Access To Your Financial Needs

BSN Wealth Management offers you complete financial planning solutions for every stage in your life. From education planning, retirement planning as well as risk management planning; BSN offers you the financial planning like no other.

We offer you Wealth Protection, Wealth Accumulation and Wealth Distribution in our planning. Now, you can have peace of mind, knowing that everything is in order. Talk to our Personal Financial Executives and we will assist you in charting your financial freedom. 

Even better! Your premium/contribution can start from as low as RM9.90

Products & Services 

Wealth Protection

»  Basic

»  Giro Takaful Warisan / Giro Takaful Asas / Giro Takaful Pelindung / Giro
    Takaful Hajj
»  Giro Perlindungan Perdana / Giro Max 3 / Giro Perlindungan Ragut
»  Giro Road Warrior
»  Giro Cash Back 115%
»  BSN Cash Shield 

»  Education

»  Bijak Malaysia
»  Giro Takaful impian 

»  Medical

»  Giro Takaful Sejahtera
»  Giro Medic Plus 


Wealth Accumulation

»  BSN Dana Al- Jadid


Wealth Distribution

»  Will Writing


Telemarketing Products

 BSN 1 DinamikTakaful Smart Pro (TSP)BSN Medi Protect
Why Buy This Plan? »  This Insurance Plan provides
    protection against death,
    bodily injury or disability caused
    by a sudden and unforeseen
»  This plan pays on top of all your
    existing policies that you may
»  Furthermore, no medical check
    up is necessary.
»  Provides protection against
    death, bodily injury or
    disability caused solely by
    external and visible means.
»  Personal Accident plan which
    provides accidental death
    coverage, accidental daily
    hospital income plus
    surgical benefit.
Eligibility »  Insured or his/her spouse: Age
   18 and above and below 76
    (as at last birthday).
»  For Children under a family      plan:
    financially independent
    children are eligible for
    coverage from age 6 months
    and above and up to 18 years,
    or up to 25 years old (if
    they are in full time education).
»  Policy Holder or his/her spouse:
    Age last birthday 18-60 years
    old (renewal up to 70 years old).
»  Children: Unmarried Children are
    eligible for coverage age
    1-21 or up to 23 if full time student.

»  Insured: 18-70 years.

»  Coverage up to age 70 years old.
Coverage Benefits »  Accidental Death and
    Disablement - 24 hours
    worldwide coverage.
»  Additional Lump Sum due to
    Permanent Total Disablement.
»  Daily Hospital Income - for
    hospital confinement (minimum
    of 6 consecutive hours) up to
    a maximum of 120 days due
    to Accident only.
»  Family Income Benefit - free for
   unlimited number of children,
   (20% of all the above benefits).
»  Accidental Death (additional
    100% of sum covered for
    taking public conveyance).
»  Accident Total Permanent
»  Family Income Benefit.
»  Daily Hospital Income.
»  Outpatient Medical Expenses
»  Children Benefit (20% of all the
    above benefits).
»  Accidental Death Benefit.
»  Hospital Income Benefit.
»  Surgical Benefit.
»  Follow-up treatment benefit.

Let’s talk
 to our Personal Financial Executives for more info.