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BSN Ejen Bank Berdaftar (EBB)

Wherever you are in Malaysia, BSN’s Ejen Bank Berdaftar (EBB) is there to serve you in the absence of a BSN branch office. You can rest assured knowing that almost all your banking transactions are available just around the corner. No place is too far nor too remote. Just look for our authorised agents near you.

Let's See How EBB Operates

 » Customer approaches authorised BSN Agent and request for transaction.
 »  Agent uses Point of Sale (POS) terminal to process the transaction.
 »  Customer confirms Personal Identification Number (PIN) and thumb prints at POS terminal.
 »  Agent proceeds with the transaction process.
 » A receipt will be generated upon a successful transaction.

Services Offered

 » Deposits
 » Cash Withdrawal
 » Bill Payments
 » eSSP Purchase
 » Cashless Payment
 » Prepaid Top-Up
 » Account Opening


 » No additional charges.
 » Cost effective and time saving – Agents are available at the nearest retail stores.
 » Easy access – service available even at remote places nationwide.
 » Hassle free and long operating hours.

Type of Banking Transactions Offered

 Minimum Amount (RM)  Maximum Amount (RM) *Maximum Amount (RM)  *Maximum Number of Transactions
 Deposit  10  500  500  3 Times
 Withdrawal  10  500  500  3 Times
 Bill Payment  No Minimum  2,000  2,000 **Unlimited
 SSP Purchase (eSSP)  10  1,000  1,000  Unlimited
 Cashless Transaction  10  500  500  Unlimited
 Maxis Prepaid Top-Up****
 (Pin less & Soft Pin)
 5  60  500  Unlimited
Celcom, Digi, U Mobile & Tune Talk Prepaid Top-Up****
 (Pin less & Soft Pin) 
 5  50  500  Unlimited
 Account Opening Giro / Giro-i*** 20 500 Not Applicable
     *Whichever comes first.
** No transaction limit. However multiple bill payment to same account on the same day is prohibited.
*** Customer must visit any BSN branch within tow (2) months from the date of account opening to update customer information and to apply for an ATM card.
**** Not inclusive GST charge.

Operating Hours

 » 8.00am – 10.00pm (subject to agents operation time).

Want to be an EBB Agent?

Want to be a BSN EBB agent and help Malaysians across the nation access a better life? If you’ve got what it takes, just fill the Agent Application Form and submit it to us. You may even walk in to our centres to apply!

For guideline, 
view the Completed Form Sample.


 » Local registered companies with minimum of 12 months operational period.
 » Having GPRS coverage or fixed / land line.
 » Suitable building infrastructure with permanent mailing address.
 » Own / register a BSN account under business entity.
 » Minimum opening EBB Corporate account is RM1,500.00