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Instant Transfer

BSNmakes it easy for you to pay credit card bills and transfer funds into other banks’ accounts anytime. Our Interbank Fund Transfer (IBFT) service allows you to transact via ATM throughout the MEPS Instant Transfer network.

Features & Benefits

Transfer funds to other banks any time via BSN ATM or any ATM within the MEPS Instant Transfer network.
 » Transactions via Instant Transfer take effect immediately.
 » You can transfer up to RM10,000 per day.
Instant Transfer is operational from 12.15 am to 11.59 pm. Meanwhile, BSN ATM is operational from 4 am to 2 am.

How To Perform Fund Transfer Via MEPS Instant Transfer

»  Go to any BSN ATM or any other ATMs that offer Instant Transfer convenience.
»  Insert your ATM Card and enter your PIN no.
»  Select MEPS Instant Transfer.
»  Select your preferred recipient bank.
»  Enter the amount fo transfer.
»  Recipient's name will appear on the screen.
»  Confirm the details and select 'Proceed' to complete transaction
»  'Successful' screen will appear once completed.
»  Keep your receipt for future references.

List Of Banks With MEPS Instant Transfer Services

»  Affin Bank
»  Agro Bank
»  Alliance Bank
»  AmBank
»  Al Rajhi Bank
»  Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd (BIMB)
»  Bank Kerjasama Rakyat
»  Bank Simpanan Nasional
»  CIMB Bank
»  Hong Leong Bank
»  Kuwait Finance House
»  Maybank
»  Public Bank
»  RHB Bank
»  Citibank 
»  HSBC Bank 
»  UOB Bank


Participating BanksCharge (including GST)
Affin Bank RM0.53
AgroBank RM0.53
Alliance Bank RM0.53
AmBank RM0.53
Al Rajhi Bank RM0.53
Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd (BIMB) RM0.53
Bank Kerjasama Rakyat RM0.53
Bank Simpanan Nasional RM0.53
CIMB Bank RM0.53
Hong Leong Bank RM0.53
Kuwait Finance House RM0.53
Maybank RM0.53
Public Bank RM0.53
RHB Bank RM0.53
Citibank RM0.53
HSBC Bank RM0.53
UOB Bank RM0.53