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Sijil Simpanan Premium

Win great prizes when you save with Sijil Simpanan Premium (SSP). BSN is offering 61,046 prizes for 2014 to the SSP holder and win with the special prizes in Monthly Draws with save and retain your saving and Extra SSP Draws in
Local Draws, Kenang Budi Draws, Special Corporate Draws and Special Draws.


This transaction is managed according to the Mudharabah contract with a
Profit Sharing Ratio (Customer : Bank)

Sijil Simpanan Premium (effective 16 December 2014 - 15 January 2015)

SSPProfit Sharing RatioIndicative Profit Rates
< RM5,000 2:98 0.15%
Up to RM50,000 3:97 0.21%
> RM50,000 6.5:93.5 0.60%

Special Edition SSP (effective 16 December 2014 - 15 January 2015)

Special Edition SSPMinimum SavingProfit Sharing RatioIndicative Profit Rates
6 Months RM1000 25:75 2.00%
12 Months RM3000 30:70 2.42%


»  Malaysian citizens, permanent residents and foreigners with permanent 
    address in 
»  Aged 12 and above.
»  Minimum savings of RM10 (1 SSP unit).

SSP Purchase

Make your SSP purchase via any of these channels:

1.  BSN Counters
4.  BSN:SMS (SMS Banking)
5.  myBSN (Internet Banking)
6.  Standing Instruction
7.  Salary Deduction
8.  BSN's Ejen Bank Berdaftar (EBB)

View Guide on How to Purchase SSP via ATM.

You can purchase the SSP units by:
1.  Cash
2.  Cheque 
3.  BSN Visa Debit Card / BSN Visa Debit Card-i
4.  BSN Card Credit


»  You can save and at the same time stand a chance to win attractive prizes.
»  Eligible to apply for BSN AFLAH SSP Pledging Financing-i.

Facts About SSP

  »  SSP Prizes must be collected within 1 year (12 months) upon the SSP Draw.
  »  SSP Draw Results will be published in selected newspapers, at any
      BSN Branch Information Board and via myBSN.
  »  SSP Certificates are not transferable.
  »  SSP Certificate Holder is still entitled for the draw within 12 months from the
      date of his demise.
  »  SSP Certificate can be fully or partialy redeemed after 45 days from its issuance.
  »  BSN SSP is guaranteed by the Government of Malaysia.
  »  All SSP prizes are exempted from income tax.
  »  All SSP units are entitled for the Monthly Draw, for as long as it has not been redeemed.
  »  SSP Certificate Holders (with minimum savings of RM4,000) aged 21 and above is eligible
      to apply for BSN Credit Cards-i. 

Extra SSP Draws

Local Draws

 » There will be thirteen (13) SSP Localised Draws throughout year 2014.
 » The draw will be held in every state in Malaysia.
 » SSP can eligible via  ATM / CDM / Ejen Bank Berdaftar (EBB) / any BSN branches or Promotion Counter with a minimum savings of RM10.00 and above, before the draw date.

Kenang Budi Draws

 »  The draw will be held on March, June, September dan December 2014.
 »  The draw is intended to appreciate the SSP holders have saved with BSN more than ten (10) years and above.
 »  There are four (4) saving categories in Kenang Budi Draws:-

No.MonthDate DrawCategories Term
of Deposit
Eligible Savings Year
1March29/03/2014≥ 10 Years2004-1978
2June28/06/2014≥ 15 Years1999-1978
3September27/09/2014≥ 20 Years1994-1978
4December27/12/2014≥ 25 Years1989-1978

»  Only eligible for SSP Holder with minimum savings of RM10.00 and above.

Special Corporate Draws

 » The draw will be held on May 2014.
 » Only eligible for SSP Holder with minimum savings of RM1,000.00 and above in a single certificate.

Special Corporate Draw is composed of: -
-  Excellence Award Recipient Services (APC) from the government or private sectors.
-  SSP of gift recipient from the Corporate sectors.
-  Customers who are savings SSP during the promotion.

Special Draws

 » The draw will be held on April, August and December 2014.
 » Eligible to holders SSP have totally minimum savings of RM3,000 and above before the date of the draw.

To customers that saving earlier provided a minimum savings of RM3,000 in a single certificate will be given 'Double Chance' where the number / units of the same SSP doubled to more opportunities in the Special Draws.