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Sijil Simpanan Premium


This transaction is managed according to the Mudharabah contract with a
Profit Sharing Ratio (Customer : Bank)

Sijil Simpanan Premium (effective 16 March 2015 - 15 April 2015)

SSPProfit Sharing RatioIndicative Profit Rates
< RM5,000 2:98 0.15%
Up to RM50,000 3:97 0.45%
> RM50,000 6.5:93.5 0.75%

Special Edition SSP (effective 16 March 2015 - 15 April 2015)

Special Edition SSPMinimum SavingProfit Sharing RatioIndicative Profit Rates
6 Months RM1000 25:75 2.00%
12 Months RM3000 30:70 2.42%

Facts About Sijil Simpanan Premium (SSP)

»  SSP is a safe and unique savings product since 1978.
»  SSP are Shariah compliant product that offer chances to win prizes in SSP draws.
»  Depositors have chances to win great prizes in weekly and monthly draws and plus gaining profits (dividend).
»  SSP savings are guaranteed by the Government of Malaysia and exempted from income tax.
»  Unredeemed SSP are eligible to participate in every SSP Draws weekly and monthly.
»  Individual aged 21 years old and above who own SSP are eligible to apply for a  BSN Al-Aiman Credit Card and Personal
    Financing up to 95% of the total SSP value (citizens only).

»  In 2015, BSN offers more than 88,000 prizes worth RM18 million with 260x draws.
»  The monthly average winners are more than 7,000 people.

Terms & Conditions to Save SSP

»  Open to all Malaysian, permanent residents and foreign citizen with a permanent address in Malaysia.
»  Aged 12 years and above.
»  Minimum savings of RM10 (1 unit). No maximum limit.

2015 SSP Draw Categories

»  There are four (4) SSP Draw Categories which are:

Special Draw 1x yearly
Monthly Draw 12x yearly
Local Draw 13 States x 12 months = 156x yearly
Weekly Draw 2x every week = 99x yearly
Total Draws 268x yearly


Methods & Channels to Save SSP

Methods Channels
Cash BSN Branches
Cheque ATM
BSN Credit Card only CDM
Debit Account Ejen Bank Berdaftar (EB)
Account Transfer Internet Banking (myBSN)
Standing Instruction SMS Banking
Salary Deduction