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Be one of the BSN SSP millionaires. More than 1,000 winners will be announced
every month to win prizes through BSN SSP.


Features & Benefits

»  BSN SSP savings is a unique savings product since 1978.
»  BSN SSP is Shariah compliant product that offers chances to win prizes in BSN SSP draws.
»  BSN SSP is guaranteed by the Government.
»  All prizes are exempted from income tax.
»  Individuals aged 21 years and above who own BSN SSP (minimum amount RM5,000)
    are eligible to apply for a BSN Al-Aiman Credit Card.
»  Individuals aged 21 years and above who own BSN SSP (minimum amount RM5,300)
    are eligible for Personal Financing up to 95% of the total BSN SSP value.


Indicative Profit Rates (effective 16 November 2017 - 15 December 2017)

BSN SSPProfit Sharing RatioIndicative Profit Rates
RM10.00 until RM5,000.00 2:98 0.11%
> RM5,000.00 until RM50,000.00 3:97 0.17%
> RM50,000.00 6.5:93.5 0.36%


»  Open to all Malaysian, permanent resident and foreign citizen with a permanent address in Malaysia.
»  Eligibility for Draws:-

Draw Category



- Aged: 12 years old and above
- Minimum savings: RM3,000


- Aged: 12 years old and above
- Minimum savings: RM10


- Normal Category




- Special Category


- Aged: 12 to 17 years old
- Minimum savings: RM50



- Aged: 12 to 17 years old
-Minimum savings: RM1,000



Way to Save

BSN Branches – cash, cheque, BSN Credit card
ATM – account transfer from Giro/Giro-i
CDM – cash
Ejen Bank Berdaftar (EB) - cash
Internet Banking (myBSN) –account transfer from Giro/Giro-i
SMS Banking – account transfer from Giro/Giro-i