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BSN provides Shariah compliant Credit Card-i and Debit Card-i so you can enjoy the convenience of going cash-less when you shop or dine! 

BSN Debit Card-i


Enjoy cashless payment from your savings account at any Visa outlets or use it to withdraw cash at ATMs. 

»  BSN Visa Debit Card-i

BSN Credit Card-i



Everyone loves a credit card that provides superior savings, exclusive benefits and payment convenience. Its time you discovered the wonders of our BSN Credit Cards that will reward you unlike any other.

»  BSN Platinum Credit Card-i   
»  UUM-BSN Credit Card-i
  1 TeachersCard MasterCard Credit Card-i   

»  BSN Gold Credit Card-i   
»  BSN Classic Card-i
»  CardMember News 

Credit Card-i Features


Our credit card features are filled with many exciting benefits and privilege that you truly deserve. Just click the links below to find out more.

»  BSN Balance Transfer Programme   
»  BSN Autobilling
»  BSN 0% EasyPay Plan (EPP)   
»  BSN Instalment-Pay Plan   
»  BSN EasyCash   
»  BSN Happy Reward Program 
»  BSN Credit Card-i Protector    
  BSN Zing PLUSMiles Card   

Digital Payment Service


Digital payment service that can make online payment as fun and easy as online shopping.

»  VISA Checkout