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BSN AN NAIM Home Financing-i

Get the home of your dreams with BSN AN NAIM Home Financing-i.



Shariah Contract
Based on the Shariah contract Bai’ Bithaman Ajil (BBA) which finances an asset on a deferred and installment basis with a pre-agreed payment period. The sale price will include a profit margin agreed upon by both parties.

Features & Benefits

» Loan tenure up to 35 years or not more than 70 years old* at the end of the loan period (whichever first).
» Up to 95% financing (subject to Terms & Condition) depending on purchase price from the developer (inclusive of MRTA).
» Zero Moving Cost / Zero Entry Cost
» Below market Interest rates
» Easy to apply - provided at all BSN Main Branches nationwide.
» Convenient payment channels:
- BSN Branches nationwide
- Standing Instructions / Savings Account
- Interbank GIRO (IBG)

Financing options:

» For residential property still under construction
» For completed property purchased from owner (sub-sale)
» For purchase of bungalow lot and building the house thereon.
» For purchase of shophouse or commercial lot.
Mortgage Refinancing 
Mortgage Refinancing 

Packages Offered

»   BSN AN NAIM Home Financing-i
»   BSN AN NAIM Home Financing-i
»   Mortgage Refinancing-i Package


For Individual / Joint Applicants
» Malaysian citizen aged 21 years old and above (not exceeding 70* years old at the end of loan period)
» With regular income and capable of making repayment
» With proof of property purchase or owns a property
» Property located in MF 6¹ and above areas
» nder Construction Property – limited only to selected Premier Developers²
» Completed Property – open to all


»  *Eligibility for age limit of 70 years old is subject to Bank's Terms & Conditions.
»  ¹MF: Marketability Factor.
»  ²Terms and Conditions apply.

For Organisation

»   Organisations; either sole proprietor, partnership, private company or public company 
     owned by Malaysian citizen (under the Partnership Act 1961 or Company Act 1965).

»   Operated for at least two (2) years.
»   Stable financial record.

Documents Required 

 For Individual / Joint Applicant
» Copy of NRIC (applicant's / joint applicant's)
» Pay Slip - original copy and copies of latest three (3) months »  Latest 3 months’ Bank Statement
»  Latest 6 months’ Bank Statement (other income)
» Latest EPF Statement
» Employer Confirmation Letter
» J Form / Latest Income Tax Declaration
» Copy of Sale and Purchase Agreement and / or property documents
» Copy of Evaluation Report (for property purchase) from panel valuer registered with the Bank


For Organisation 
» Organisation Bank Statement for the period of six (6) months
» Organisation Financial Statement for last two (2) years approved by authorised Audit Body
» B/BE Form & LHDN Receipt
» Business Registration Certificate (SSM)
» Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A) / Form 24, Form 44 & Form 49
» Board of Director Resolution
*Guarantor: If required, mandatory documents are similar to applicant.
Packages Offered:
Package Details
Second Charge Package »  Especially for Government Servants and other Government Agencies entitled for
    a home financing 
»  As an additional loan, in case the existing financing is insufficient 
2 Generations Package »  Joint financing consisting of 2 generations parent(s) and child (still in a learning institution
    and aged 21 years and above)
»  Enjoy a longer financing period
»  Children pursuing studies at Diploma level and above and would graduate in three (3)
    years time
»  Parent still have steady/fix income for a period of five(5) years. 


»  Eligibility for age limit of 70 years old is subject to Bank's Terms & Conditions.


Corporate Staff Home Financing-i Package

This financing plan is a cooperation between BSN and Employers which provides staff amenities. 

Mortgage Refinancing Package

You may get cash extra in between the current housing financing and current property value, with a cost-free transfer.



»  Cost inclusive of legal fees, stamp duty, charge cost and property evaluation cost. 
»  Current BR at 4.10% (subject to change). 

Profit Rate

No  Financing Amount Tenure  Completed  Under Construction
 Non Zero Moving Cost (NZMC)
1 RM 100,000.00 
and below
BR + 2.85%

> RM 100,000.00 
< RM 300,000.00

Year 1 - 2 Zero Moving
Cost (ZMC)
Non Zero Moving
Cost (NZMC)
Zero Moving
Cost (ZMC)
Non Zero Moving
Cost (NZMC)
BR + 0.65% BR + 0.55% BR + 0.40% BR + 0.30%
Thereafter BR + 0.65% BR + 0.55%
3 RM 300,000.00 
and above
Year 1 - 2 BR + 0.60% BR + 0.45% BR + 0.30% BR + 0.30%
Thereafter BR + 0.60% BR + 0.45%

Early Settlement

» You may settle your loan at any time by submitting a written notice to the Bank.

In the event that the early settlement is made during the lock-in period, the early settlement charges, comprising legal costs and other expenses paid by the Bank under ZMC package, would be levied. 


Late Payment Charges 

   Within the Facility Period

Overdue instalment(s) x Average Financing Rate (AFR) x No. of overdue day(s)

»   After the Facility Period

Outstanding principal x Average Financing Rate (AFR) x  No. of overdue day(s)

» Late payment charges consist of Ta’widh (compensation) and Gharamah (penalty). Gharamah shall be channeled by the Bank to the approved charity organisations.
» Average Financing Rate (AFR) refers to the rate as may be determined by the Bank and subject to change from time to time.


Stamp Duty

»  Principal Documents - Will be charged on ad valorem basis.
»  Other Documents – RM 10