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Promotion: 13 September 2013 until 28 February 2014


AAM membership benefit with the purchase of Sijil Simpanan Premium (SSP). Really worth it!


What are the benefits of this campaign?

» Free AAM membership with every purchase of SSP SE 12 months throughout the campaign.
» Purchase of SSP SE 6 months and normal SSP with minimum of RM50 will enable the customer to get the membership
   with a very special price.
» Savings are eligible for SSP indicative profit rate.
» Chance(s) to win exciting prizes in the Monthly Draw, Local Draw and Special Draw.
» SSP savings are guaranteed by the Government of Malaysia.


How to participate?

» Visit any BSN Branch.
» Make a fresh fund deposit of SSP as per below :

SSP Purchasing Minimum Saving Amount AAM Membership
SSP SE 12 Months RM3,000 Free
SSP SE 6 months RM1,000 RM25 per membership
SSP (Normal) RM50 RM25 per membership

» Fill in AAM Membership Form and return the complete to the teller.
» Membership will be activated in one month after AAM received the relevant information.
» Savings can be made via Cash, Debit Account, Credit Cards, Cheque and other methods acceptable at BSN Counter.


Visit the nearest BSN Branch or call our Customer Service Centre at 1300-88-1900 or email for further queries.

Subject to the Terms & Conditions.