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Kelab Penabung Muda

Explore the wonders of having your own savings! Kelab Penabung Muda is an association for youths to venture into their interests via the convenience we offer. As a member, you are also eligible to participate in the Skim Galakan Simpanan Pelajar (SGSP), a ‘savings competition’ that offers various prizes to those who save. 


» Open to students aged 7-20 years old.
» Malaysian citizen.
» GIRO Account Holder.
» Maintain minimum balance of  RM160* in GIRO Account.
» Completed Kelab Penabung Muda Application Form (duly signed
   by Parents / Guardian).
» Perform maximum of only ONE withdrawal per month.


         »   Automatic cessation of membership occurred upon KPM members
              attained the age of 21 years old.

How Do I Become a Member?

» Open BSN GIRO Account with minimum amount of  member must 
» Ensure that you maintain minimum balance of RM160* in your account, at all times.
» Fill in the Kelab Penabung Muda Application Form and send the completed
   form to any BSN Branch.
» Upon approval, you will receive a Kelab Penabung Muda Membership Card,
   along with
several souvenirs.


  »  The Bank will freeze your savings of RM150 to ensure that you are able to enjoy the perks of being a
Penabung Muda member.
  »  View sample of completed Kelab Penabung Muda Application Form here. 


Features & Benefits

»  Membership Card: You will receive a KPM Membership Card for FREE. The Membership Card will be mailed to
    the given address in minimum period of ONE month and subject to the stock availability from the effective date of  
    membership. This card entitles you for discounts at the KPM Strategic Business Partner (Subject to their Terms and 
»  Activities: Explore  the possibilities when you join our educational activities such as;  Seminars, Motivational Courses,
    Camping Activities, Sports Clinic,  Science Exploration and lots more!
»  Tutor Online: Subscribe to Tutor Online. Discounted price only for Kelab Penabung Muda members.
»  Free Personal Accident Insurance change to Personal Accident Takaful: 24-Hours coverage worldwide
    ONLY for Kelab Penabung Muda members with freezed minimum balance of  RM150* in their account.

Description Coverage
Permanent disability and death caused by accident. Ten (10) times the amount of savings up to RM50,000
(minimum savings of RM150)
Funeral expenses RM3000


»  In the event of accident, the Bank should be informed immediately within 14 days. All original documents
    must be submitted within two (2) months from the date of accident.
»  The insurance coverage is made effective upon the Banks's approval of becoming a Kelab Penabung Muda  
»  Subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Personal Accident Insurance.


»  Gifts and Souvenirs offered:

Amount of
Coins Box Membership Card Pencil Box / Case Hat Water Tumbler T-Shirt


*Effective 26 March 2013, new KPM membership registration is entitled to get 1 FREE unit of coin box.

1 FREE unit of coin box give away is not included for addition  (top-up)of KPM freezed amount (only eligible for KPM addition encouragement items only).

Eg: KPM member with the freesed amount of RM150 performs addition (top-up) to RM300 -  eligibleto receive a  hat and water tumbler, but not eligible for 1 FREE unit of coin box.


Kelab Penabung Muda (Effective 1 December 2013)

Balance in Account Interest / Profit Rate
Up to RM150 0.35%
Up to RM25,000 1.20%
Above RM25,000 1.70%


»  Payment of interest or profit will be credited to your account annually.
»  You are allowed to perform a maximum of only ONE withdrawal per month to receive an effective rate.
    If withdrawal  is performed MORE than once in the same month, the calculation of interest / profit rate will be as
    BSN GIRO Account rate / profit sharing rate. To enjoy your Kelab Penabung Muda rates, member must 
    ensure they maintain minimum balance of RM160* in their account at all times.
»  *RM150 freezed and minimum balance of RM10 in account.


Fees & Charges

»  RM5.00 will be charged for the lost or damage of KPM Membership Card.
»  Bank will issue a new card and post it to the member’s address.


Terms & Conditions

Membership eligibility for ‘Kelab Penabung Muda (KPM)’

» Malaysian citizens aged 7-20 years. (Attained 7 years old on that particular year).
» Giro or Giro-i account holder.
» To complete the KPM’s membership application form and to be signed by parents / legal guardian (KPM-01).
» To deposit initial minimum deposit amount of RM150 or RM300 or RM500 (Minimum Deposit  Amount) (not including the minimum balance of      RM10).

Freeze & Withdrawal

» The Minimum Deposit Amount placed by the KPM members will be frozen by BSN  until he attain the age of 21 years old or upon                      application to cease to be KPM
» Only one withdrawal per month is allowed (except the Minimum Deposit Amount) to enjoy the interest/profit sharing offered for KPM               members.


» The gifts to be given to the KPM members are vary based on the Minimum Deposit Amount (Refer to the gift table)
» BSN reserves the right to change or replace any gifts from time to time with any item of an equal value subject to prior notice stipulated in      clause 21 herein.
» The KPM members may increase the Minimum Deposit Amount by completing the KPM-04 Form and additional gifts will be given to                    commensurate the additional Minimum Deposit Amount.
» The gift shall be delivered to the KPM members via:
   i)  collection over the counter during membership application (subject to stock availability at the branch)
   ii)  collection at the selection branch upon notification by BSN;
   iii) mail to the KPM members home or school address in the BSN’s record.
»The gifts delivery / distribution period is subject to the stock availability.

KPM Membership Card

» The membership card will be mailed to the KPM member’s address within a minimum period of one month from the membership effective           date and subject to the stock availability.
» i) Any loss or damage to the membership card should be reported at any BSN branches by completing KPM-03 Form.
   ii) BSN is entitled to charge the card replacement fee of RM5.00
» By producing the KPM’s card the members are eligible to enjoy discounts at any participating KPM’s Business Partner - subject to their            terms and conditions.

Insurance Coverage 

» The KPM members will be protected under insurance / Takaful Group Accident free  24 hours for death or permanent disability caused by      accident subject to the insurance / Takaful provider’s  terms and conditions.
»The insurance claims are to be submitted to BSN within 2 months from the  date of accident / death occurred.

Interest / Profit Rate

» Subject to withdrawal terms in clause 6 herein, the KPM members are entitled for the interest / profit rate as stipulated in table for the               interest / profit rate.

Cessation of membership

» The KPM members may apply for cessation to be a member only after one year of membership by completing the KPM -02 Form.
» Automatic cessation of membership occurred upon KPM members attained the age of 21 years old.


» To the fullest extent permitted by law, BSN shall not be held liable for whatsoever loss or damages how so ever arising in connection with    this membership and BSN shall not be liable for any default in respect of this membership due to any act of God, war, riot, strike,                    lockout industrial action, fire, flood, drought, storm or any event beyond the reasonable control of BSN.
» BSN reserves the right to vary, change and/or amend terms and conditions of the product or to replace or to substitute the gifts by giving      (21) days prior notice to the KPM members by (i) displaying at BSN premise or branches or posting at BSN website                (ii)mailing  to the KPM members and/or (iii) advertising via any advertising or communication medium.     

Contact Us

For more information about Kelab Penabung Muda BSN, please contact us at:

Kelab Penabung Muda BSN,
Jabatan Perniagaan Komuniti
Tingkat 9, Wisma BSN,
No. 117, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2162 3222
Email :



Important Note: All BSN’s Deposit products are guaranteed by the Malaysian Government.