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Baucar Cenderahati Premium (BCP) is a voucher that replace cash mode of recognition and carries certain denomination value with the minimum amount of RM10. This voucher can only be redeemed to be converted to Premium Savings Certificate (BSN SSP) in similar value by the receiver at any BSN counter before the expiration of the validity period. BCP converted to BSN SSP is eligible to win BSN SSP draw prizes.

BCP is suitable and can be used as a gift or cash reward for any occasion, programme or festive event including but not limited to staff recognition ceremonies, birthdays or anniversaries, meeting allowances, contests and so forth.


1. Terms for BCP Purchase and /or Acceptance






  - Malaysian
  - Permanent Residents (PR)
  - Foreigners who have a permanent address in Malaysia.



  - Has a permanent address in Malaysia


Age Limit

  - 12 years and above.


Identification Documentation

  - Have a valid identification document.


BCP Purchase Limit

  - Mínimum: RM10
  - Maximum : No limit


2. Method of purchase





BSN Branch Counter

By way of cash or cheque (BCP will be issued upon cheque cleared) at any BSN branch counter.

Note: Bulk purchase will be channelled to UKB



The following terms shall have the meanings as assigned below:

"Voucher" shall mean the BSN Premium Gift Voucher.

"Purchaser" shall mean an individual or corporate body purchasing the Voucher as a gift or contribution.

"Recipient" shall mean the individual receiving the Voucher from the Purchaser as a gift or contribution.

"BSN SSP" shall mean the BSN Premium Savings Certificate.

1. The Voucher shall be redeemable for BSN SSP Unit(s) only by the Recipient and not exchangeable for cash.
2. The Voucher shall be redeemed by the Recipient whose name is printed on the Voucher.
3. The Voucher shall not be eligible for BSN SSP Draw unless and until the Voucher is converted to BSN SSP Unit by the Recipient at any of the BSN branches.
4. The Recipient of the Voucher must be an individual aged 12 years and above and shall possess a valid Identity Card / Passport and have permanent address in Malaysia. This Voucher shall not be given to corporate organizations, companies, societies, and other bodies as the Recipient.
5. Upon conversion of the Voucher to BSN SSP, the Recipient shall be subjected to the BSN SSP Terms and Conditions.
6. Loss of the Voucher before the expiration of the validity period shall be reported immediately to BSN by the Purchaser by providing the Voucher number and new Voucher will be issued to the Purchaser only.
7. Cancellation instructions by the Purchaser are allowed before the Voucher is converted to BSN SSP units by the Recipient.
8. A service charge will be levied for issuance of each of new vouchers.
9. The Voucher shall be valid for a period of six (6) months from the date of purchase.
10. Unredeemed vouchers by the Recipient after the expiration of validity period shall be considered as expired.
11. BSN shall not be liable or responsible for any claim, prosecution, losses, damages, payments and expenses which may be incurred by any party whomsoever resulting from and arising out of the expiration of the validity period, any issuance, purchase, redemption and/or any other transaction involving this Voucher.
12. BSN reserves the right to amend any of the terms and conditions herein contained, wholly or in part by giving at least twenty one (21) days prior notice to such amendment. Such notification shall be deemed to be brought to the Recipient and the Purchaser upon it has been uploaded at the BSN web site and/or its display at BSN premises and/or by any other modes which BSN deems fit.