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No Gift Policy




BSN is committed to serving our customers, working with our partners and conducting our business to the highest standard of integrity, ethics and good governance. BSN hereby adopts a "NO GIFT POLICY" to reinforce this commitment.


This "No Gift Policy" ("Policy") is applicable to the Directors of BSN and their immediate family members, Shariah Committee Members of BSN and their immediate family members, all BSN employees and their immediate family members and agents acting on behalf of the BSN.


(a) The Policy prohibits the exchange of gifts directly or indirectly both within and outside of the work premises in the course of their official duties and business dealings which may influence in a decision-making process or put the Directors, Shariah Committee members or employees in a position of conflict or appearance of such conflict or obligation.
(b) Directors, Shariah Committee members or employees are not allowed to accept gifts in exchange of doing or promising to do anything relating to the business or affairs of BSN for potential or existing customers, vendors, agents, service providers, bidders, suppliers and any other individual or organization.
(c) Directors, Shariah Committee members, employees and external parties are to avoid conflict of interest or the appearance of conflict of interest for either party in an on-going potential business dealing between BSN and external parties as a gift can be seen as a bribe that may tarnish BSN’s reputation or in violation of anti-bribery and corruption laws.


4.1 Souvenir items or corporate merchandise that meet the following criteria:-
  (a) The items are attached with the external party’s company logo or BSN’s logo;
  (b) The value of the items given and received are less than RM100 or any other amount as determined by Bank Negara Malaysia; and
  (c) The items are given at public or invitational events.
4.2 The acceptance and provision of gift(s) are also permitted in certain exceptional circumstances:-
  (a) Gifts or financial support or contributions to charitable organisations or individuals on a charity basis under the BSN corporate social responsibility framework/ policies/ guidelines.
  (b) Gifts given and received during festivals not on a personal basis, must be shared and distributed to all staff.
  (c) Perishable items (e.g. cakes and flowers), are allowed to be retained in the office.