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Open an account online and reap the benefits! With better perks and higher
returns, BSN GIRO eSaver makes access to a better life much easier for
people on the go.

Features & Benefits

»  Internet based savings account with online convenience.
»  High multi-tiered interest rates.
»  Enjoy 5% bonus interest on the interest for minimum monthly balance of RM5,000
and above.
»  Instant issuance of BSN GIRO eSaver VISA Debit Card. »  Convenient access to BSN ATM, MEPS ATM and ATM abroad with PLUS logo.
»  No monthly maintenance fee.
»  Waiver on annual card fee.
»  Transactions made can be viewed online.
»  Counter Priority service.

»  Counter Priority service is applicable by appointment at selected branches only.

Types of Account

»  Individual Account only.



»  Individuals aged 18 years and above.
»  Malaysian Citizens / Permanent Residents.
»  Non-residents of Malaysia (with working permits).
»  Initial minimum deposit of RM500 only.
»  Minimum RM100 balance to be maintained.


»  BSN GIRO eSaver (effective 15 November 2010)

Balance (RM) Interest Rates % p.a.
Less than 500 0.30%
501-5,000 0.40%
5,001-25,000 0.50%
25,001-50,000 0.75%
50,001-100,000 1.00%
100,001-500,000 1.75%
500,001 and above 2.00%


» Interest is calculated based on monthly minimum balance and credited yearly.


Fees & Charges

Minimum amount for opening of Account RM500
Minimum Balance in Account RM100
ATM Card and Statement RM12 (One time ATM Card Charge)
Yearly ATM Card renewal Waived


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