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BSN Term Deposit 

Build your financial future with higher interest rates BSN Term Deposit Account.
Available with a minimum deposit of RM500.00.

Features & Benefits

»  Attractive returns with no risk.
»  Various options for payment of returns through:
     1. Cash 
     2. Credited to your BSN GIRO Account 
     3. Fund Transfer (IBG, Rentas)



»  Individuals aged 7 years and above - Malaysian Citizen / Non-Resident with a permanent adress in
»  Business enterprises operating in Malaysia.
»  Applicable for Joint Account  and  Trust Account.
»  Minimum initial deposit of RM1,000  for  tenure of one (1) month for Individual Account 
»  Minimum initial deposit of RM500 for tenure of three (3) months and above for Individual  Account.
»  Minimum initial deposit of RM1,000 for all tenures of Corporate Account.



»  FD Accounts dormant for 7 years will be closed in accordance to Unclaimed Money Act 1965.
»  Terms & Conditions apply.
»  All BSN’s Deposit products are guaranteed by the Malaysian Government. 
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