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BSN Term Deposit Senior Citizen 

Enjoy your golden years with higher returns for a better life. Open to all Malaysian
citizens aged 50 years and above.

Features & Benefits

»  Individual Account and Joint Account.
»  Minimum investment of RM5,000 only.
»  Tenure for the scheme is 12, 15, 18, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months.
»  Attractive interest rate.
»  Interest is calculated daily and credited into your BSN GIRO /BSN GIRO-I Account every 4 months.
»  For investment exceeding RM50,000, the interest will be credited monthly to your BSN GIRO
»  Open a BSN GIRO Account for crediting of interest.
»  Eligible account holders may pledge their Senior Citizens Term Deposit Account Certificate as a
    collateral for the selected loans from the followings:
    -  Personal Loan
    -  Credit Card
    -  Micro Finance
    -  Mortgage
    -  Hire Purchase

Terms and Conditions apply.



»  View all banking Rates & Charges.
»  BSN Term Deposit Senior Citizen Account that are dormant for 7 years will be closed in accordance
    with Unclaimed Money Act 1965.
»  All BSN Deposit products are guaranteed by the Malaysian Government.