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Dear Valued Cardmembers,

Please be informed that effective 2 October 2019, the minimum payment due on Conventional and Islamic BSN Credit Cards shall be revised as follows:

The Minimum Payment Due will include:

i) 5% of Current Balance *
ii) 100% Service Tax (if any)
iii) 100% of Monthly Instalment Amount ** (if any)
iv) 100% of Past Due Amount (if any)

OR RM50 whichever is higher.

* Current Balance = retail transaction (if any) + cash advance amount (if any) + finance charges/management fee and/or late payment charges and any other applicable fee and charges (if any).
**Applicable to NEW BSN Balance Transfer Programme, BSN Easy Cash Plan, BSN 0% Easy Pay Plan, BSN Instalment-Pay Plan and other instalment plans available from time to time approved from 2 October 2019 onwards.
Pursuant to the revision, BSN Al-Aiman and Conventional Visa/Mastercard Cardholder Agreement and Product Disclosure Sheet (PDS) shall be amended accordingly.

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Thank you.

14th August 2019