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Need a helping hand to fulfill your dream? We have a range of loan facilities designed to help you achieve whatever you have in mind.

BSN MyRinggit

Affordable and flexible, our personal loans are designed to make life instantly better and easier for you.

»  ASB With Floating Rate         
»  EKSEKUTIF-1                     
»  EKSEKUTIF-1 with Floating Rate
  Sandaran BSN Term Deposit
  ATM (Salary Deduction)

»  ATM (Non Salary Deduction)
  SCOP (Klasik)
»  SCOP (Super Klasik B)  
»  BPA (Klasik)     
»  BPA (Super Klasik B)  
»  SKAP (Klasik)           
»  SKAP (Super Klasik B)  
»  SKAN (Klasik)   
»  SKAN (Super Klasik B)  

Property Loans

Found the home of your dreams? Make it come true with our affordable Home Loans.

»  BSN MyHome (Residential Property)   
»  BSN MyHome (Program Perumahan Rakyat)   
»  BSN MyHome (Commercial Property)   
»  BSN MyHome Affordable Home (AHB40) 

Vehicle Loans

Thinking of changing cars or perhaps getting your very own first car? Our Vehicle Loans will help you get what you want in the simplest, fastest way.

»  BSN MyAuto    
»  BSN MyAuto High Ranking Officer Scheme