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Getting Started on BSN : SMS

Enjoy the convenience of banking straight from your phone via BSN:SMS!
Use it to transfer funds, reload your prepaid phone card and pay bills in your own free time.


»  Hassle-free. No more queuing at the bank!
»  Convenient. You can pay bills from the comfort of your own home, at work, in the café, at the park, anywhere!
»  Safe and secure transactions.

Services Offered

»  Balance enquiry
»  Fund Transfer (Own / 3rd Party)
»  Bill Payment
»  Prepaid Top-up
»  Credit Card Payment (Own / 3rd Party)
»  SSP Purchase
»  PIN Purchase


BSN GIRO / GIRO-I account holders with any of the following:-
»  BSN ATM Cards (Matrix / Matrix-i, GIRO / GIRO-i)
»  Own a mobile phone

Getting Started on BSN : SMS

1.  Register for the service:
  »  Go to any BSN Branch and register your mobile number.
  »   4 digit UAC will be provided to you via print out on SMP-1 form.
  »   Upon successful registration, you will receive an SMS of:
         i ) M-PIN (6 digit)
         ii) 2 digit UAC 

2.  Activate the service
  »  Key-in ACT<space>M-PIN<space>6 digit UAC (4 digit + 2 digit)
  »  Sent to BSN:SMS shortcode (36898) or alternatively:- 
           019-2866180 (Celcom) 
           017-3776180 (Maxis) 
           014-3386180 (DiGi)

3.  Start banking


1 Registration Free  
2 Activation Free  
3   Maintenance Free for once a year                              »  Change language
                             »  Change M-PIN
                             »  Change HP No
                             »  Change Limit
RM0.50 For every subsequent transactions.
4 Balance Enquiry Free One enquiry per month for free.  
RM0.50 For every subsequent enquiries in the same month. 
5 Prepaid Top-Up RM0.25 For every transaction. 
6 Fund Transfer RM0.50 For every transaction. 
7 Bill Payment RM0.50 For every transaction.
8 PIN Purchase RM0.50 For every transaction.
9 SSP Purchase RM0.25 For every transaction.
10 BSN Credit CArd Payment RM0.50 For every transaction.
11 Insufficient Balance RM0.50 For every unsuccessful transaction.
12 Error Message Reply RM0.25 For every transaction.
13 BSN : SMS Enquiry RM0.25
Enquiries on:
»  UPU Pin Purchase, Prepaid Top-Up and SSP
Purchase format.
»  List of Bill Payment, UPU Pin Purchase,
SSP Purchase and Prepaid Top-Up.