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BSN:SMS Banking Guide    

BSN:SMS lets you get your banking while on-the-move! Just key in the codes you want send to...  

 Transaction Transaction Code 

Prepaid Top-Up 

TOPUP <> mpin <> topup.code <> (beneficiary no. ) 

Top-Up Code Listing 

Balance Enquiry 

BAL <> mpin 

Bill Payment  BILL <> mpin <> bill.code <> bill.ref <> amount 

BSN Credit Card Payment  

CARD <>mpin <> credit card no. <> amount
Bill Top-Up Code  LIST<> BILL 
Fund Transfer  TRF <> mpin <> beneficiary account <> amount 
Pin Purchase  PIN <> mpin <> course.code <> candidate.NRIC 

Course List Code 

SSP Purchase  SSP <> mpin <> amount

Change Language 

CHG <> LANG <> mpin <> language.choice
Transactions via BSN counters, BSN ATMs / CDMs & Customer Service Centre
 Transactions Counters  ATMs & CDMs  Customer Service Centre

Account Registration - For SMS Banking registration.


Cancellation - For service cancellation or loss of HP.


Change M-PIN - To change your mPin.


Change Transfer Limit - To change you Debit Limit for SMS Banking.


Change HP - To change registered HP no.


Change Language - To Change language for SMS Banking.



»  Instruction Code is not case sensitive.