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BSN MyHome-i (Residential Property)


Get the home of your dreams with BSN MyHome-i (Residential Property).
Shariah Concept
The Shariah concept used is Commodity Murabahah (Tawarruq) which refers to buying and selling of the commodities as the underlying asset on the deferred basis by way of Murabahah (Sale contract with the disclosure of the asset cost price and profit margin), then selling it to a third party to obtain cash.


Features & Benefits

» Financing tenure up to 35 years or not more than 70 years old* at the end of the financing period (whichever first).
» Up to 95% financing (subject to Terms & Condition) depending on purchase price from the developer (inclusive of MRTT).
» Easy to apply - provided at all BSN Main Branches nationwide.
» Convenient payment channels:
- BSN Branches nationwide
- Standing Instructions / Savings Account
- Interbank GIRO (IBG)


Financing options:

» For residential property still under construction
» For completed property purchased from owner (sub-sale)
» For purchase of bungalow lot and building the house thereon.
Mortgage Refinancing 
Mortgage Refinancing 


Packages Offered

»   BSN MyHome-i (Residential Property)
»   BSN MyHome-i (CES Packages)
»   Mortgage Refinancing-i Package



For Individual / Joint Applicants
» Malaysian citizen aged 21 years old and above (not exceeding 70* years old at the end of financing period)
» With regular income and capable of making payment
» With proof of property purchase or owns a property
» Property located in MF 6¹ and above areas
» Under Construction and Completed  Property



»  *Eligibility for age limit of 70 years old is subject to Bank's Terms & Conditions.
»  ¹MF: Marketability Factor.
»  ²Terms and Conditions apply.

For Organisation

»   Organisations; either sole proprietor, partnership, private company or public company 
     owned by Malaysian citizen (under the Partnership Act 1961 or Company Act 1965).

»   Operated for at least two (2) years.
»   Stable financial record.

Documents Required 

 For Individual / Joint Applicant
» Copy of NRIC (applicant's / joint applicant's)
» Pay Slip - original copy and copies of latest three (3) months »  Latest 3 months’ Bank Statement
»  Latest 6 months’ Bank Statement (other income)
» Latest EPF Statement
» Employer Confirmation Letter
» J Form / Latest Income Tax Declaration
» Copy of Sale and Purchase Agreement and / or property documents
» Copy of Evaluation Report (for property purchase) from panel valuer registered with the Bank


For Organisation 
» Organisation Bank Statement for the period of six (6) months
» Organisation Financial Statement for last two (2) years approved by authorised Audit Body
» B/BE Form & LHDN Receipt
» Business Registration Certificate (SSM)
» Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A) / Form 24, Form 44 & Form 49
» Board of Director Resolution
*Guarantor: If required, mandatory documents are similar to applicant.
Packages Offered:
Package Details
Second Charge Package »  Especially for Government Servants and other
    Government Agencies entitled for a home financing 
»  As an additional financing, in case the existing
    financing is insufficient 
2 Generations Package »  Joint financing consisting of 2 generations parent(s)
    and child (still in a learning institution and aged 21
    years and above)
»  Enjoy a longer financing period
»  Children pursuing studies at Diploma level and above
    and would graduate in three (3) years time
»  Parent still have steady/fix income for a period of
    five(5) years. 



»  Eligibility for age limit of 70 years old is subject to Bank's Terms & Conditions.


Corporate Staff Home Financing-i Package

This financing plan is a cooperation between BSN and Employers which provides staff amenities. 

Mortgage Refinancing Package

You may get cash extra in between the current housing financing and current property value.


Profit Rate


Financing Amount [Including Finance Entry Cost (FEC)]


Profit Rates

Completed and  Under Construction Property


RM100,000 and

Whole Tenure

BR  + 3.00%


> RM100,000
< RM300,000

BR + 0.60%


RM300,000 to 
< RM500,000

 BR + 0.50%


RM500,000 and above

BR + 0.40%


i) Additional 0.15% from the above profit rate for financing without Takaful.
*Subject to terms and conditions

Early Settlement

» You may settle your financing at any time by submitting a written notice to the Bank.


Late Payment Charges 

   Within the Facility Period

Overdue instalment(s) x 1% x No. of overdue day(s)

»   After the Facility Period

Outstanding principal x IIMM* x  No. of overdue day(s)




Islamic Interbank Money Market (IIMM) is subject to change from time to time. 


Stamp Duty

»  Principal Documents - Will be charged on ad valorem basis.
»  Other Documents – RM 10