Monday, 28 September 2020,   09 Safar 1442H
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Our Logo

The BSN logo has been revitalized to better reflect our role and function in today’s Malaysia. While staying true to the original logo’s strength and equity, it has been evolved to feature a friendlier, more vibrant and contemporary look.




Our Name

A customised logotype has been created to provide a more stylish and progressive flair to the logo. The letters BSN have been retained in capital letters to signify solid strength and stability. 


The Pohon Pitis 

The money tree symbol, which represents growth and wealth, is retained but modified with a modern graphic treatment. The number of coins on the tree has been increased from 13 to 14 coins to represent all of Malaysia’s states and federal territories. This shows that BSN serves every state and territory and everyone in the nation has easy access to the bank’s solutions.


Logo Colour  

Our logo colours have also been changed to a fresh teal and white to respectively symbolise trustworthiness and reliability.


Did you know….

The "pohon pitis” (coin tree) symbol which forms the main theme of the logo is an adaptation of the one made of tin metal bearing 13 coins issued by Sultan Muhammad IV of the State of Kelantan in 1903 when it was still a tributary state of Siam? On one side of the coin was inscribed "THURIBA FI ZUL-HIJJAH SANAT 1321", i.e., struck in the month of Zul-hijjah 1903. On the reverse was featured "BELANJAAN KERAJAAN KELANTAN", i.e., currency of the Government of Kelantan. The coin or "pitis", which in local Kelantanese dialect means money, was one of the denominations in circulation in Kelantan until 1920.