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BSN Skim Galakan Simpanan Pelajar (SGSP)

Skim Galakan Simpanan Pelajar is a savings scheme in the format of competition to encourage national primary and secondary school students to save and participate. BSN Smart Junior members are also eligible to participate in this competition which offers special prizes to the students and schools every year.



» Open to national primary and secondary school students across Malaysia (excluding private school students).
» GIRO account holder.
» Complete the Skim Galakan Simpanan Pelajar participation form (including the Full Name, GIRO Account Number and School Code).
(Terms and Conditions apply)
» BSN reserves the right to amend, delete or add any conditions of competition terms by giving prior notice.

Competition Criteria

» The competition is based on current year's savings.
» Winner of Individual category:
Individual Scoring
- Average savings balance
- Average net growth savings
- Savings frequency during the year of competition
» Winner of School category:
School Scoring
- Average savings and enrolment
- Net growth savings and enrolment
- Highest growth in savings and enrolment
» Selection of winners by the External Panel of Judges from the representatives of the Ministry of Education Malaysia and the Internal Judicial Panel of BSN is final.
» Takaful protection is applicable for SGSP who has become a BSJ member.
(Terms and Conditions apply)
» Prizes* to be won:
Category RM No. of Prizes

Primary RM8,400.00 26 
Secondary RM13,600.00 26
Primary RM58,000.00 31
Secondary RM81,000.00 31
Best Savings Award**    
Primary RM17,000.00 2
Secondary RM22,000.00 2
Total RM200,000.00 118
» *Effective from 2016.
» **Nomination in Best Savings Award is for participating schools.

Rate (Effective 1 December 2013)

Balance in Account

Interest Rate

< RM150.00


RM150.00 to RM25,000.00


Above RM25,000.00


» BSN reserves the right to amend, delete or add any conditions of competition by giving prior adequate notice.
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