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CardMember News


» Notice: Revision of BSN 0% EasyPay Plan Terms and Conditions
» Important Notice: Revision of BSN Happy Rewards Programme Terms and Conditions
» Important Notice to BSN Credit & Debit Card/-i Members
» Important Notice on GST for BSN Credit Card/-i CardMembers
» Important Notice for BSN Credit Card/-i CardMembers
» Change in Customer Service Telephone Numbers
» BNM Credit Card Policy Document
» SMS Transaction Alerts
» BSN Online Secured Shopping (BOSS)
» Overseas Card Usage 
»  Enrich Miles Redemption

Customer Service Telephone Numbers

Please contact us via the following numbers:

  • Customer Service: 1300-88-1900
  • Lost or stolen card in Malaysia: 1300-88-1900
  • Lost or stolen card while abroad: 603-2613 1900
  • Platinum CardMembers: 1800-22-0800 (Toll Free)
  • Lost or stolen Platinum Card while abroad: 603-2688 0800


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BNM Credit Card Policy Document

In line with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Credit Card Policy Document introduced on 18 March 2011, please be informed that the minimum income eligibility for new credit card holders is now RM24,000 per annum (previously RM18,000 per annum).

Important Information

CardMembers earning RM36,000 p.a. or less


1.  Effective 1 January 2013, CardMembers earning RM36,000 p.a. or  less, can only hold credit cards from a
     maximum of two (2) credit card issuers.

2.  The maximum credit limit extended to a CardMember earning RM36,000 p.a. or less shall not exceed
     two (2) times of their monthly income per credit card issuer.

3.  CardMembers are requested to submit their latest income documents to facilitate the Bank in determining their credit limit: 
     »  Salaried Employees -  Latest 1 month pay slip
     »  Self Employed – Latest B Form

4.  To update income details;
     »  Print and fill up the Income Update Form attached with the supporting documents.

         a.  Salaried Earners
              •  Latest 1 Month’s pay slip OR
              •  Latest EA Form OR
              •  Latest BE Form with LHDN receipt or proof of tax paid OR
              •  Latest EPF Statement

         b.  Self-Employed
              •  Latest B Form with LHDN receipt or proof of tax paid.

5.  The income documents can be submitted to BSN via: 
     »  Fax :  03-2162 2659 or 03-2164 6798

     »  Mail to:

                BSN Cards Centre 
                Block A, Ground Floor
                117, Jalan Ampang
                50450 Kuala Lumpur

     »  Email to:

     »  click here for form download


 »  BSN CardMembers who earn more than RM36,000.00 p.a. will not be affected by the new Credit Card Guidelines.


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SMS Transaction Alerts

As our valued Cardmember, your financial security is our topmost priority. That’s why we advise you to register your handphone number with us so we can send you transaction alerts via SMS. This service is FREE for the following credit card transactions:

  • First time use of BSN Credit Card
  • Purchases made are above the pre-defined threshold amount
  • Number of transactions per day are above the pre-defined threshold
  • Internet/card not present transactions
  • Mail and telephone order transactions (MOTO)
  • Cash advance transactions at ATM

To minimise potential fraud, do update your latest mobile number with us. If you wish to update or unsubscribe from SMS Transaction Alerts please click here for the request form.


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BSN Online Secured Shopping (BOSS)

We want you to enjoy the best possible security when shopping online with your BSN Visa/MasterCard Credit Card. That’s why you will be required to enter a BOSS Code to complete the transaction. This BOSS code will be sent to the handphone number you registered with BSN at no extra cost.  

BOSS Procedure

STEP 1 Please ensure that your latest mobile phone number is registered with BSN. Otherwise, kindly call our Customer Care Hotline at 1300 88 1900 to update your mobile number.
STEP 2 Shop online at any 3D Secure merchants using your BSN credit card. Enter your credit card details as required and proceed to payment page.
STEP 3 You will be automatically redirected to BSN’s authentication page. The BOSS code will be sent to your registered mobile number.
STEP 4 Check your mobile phone for the BOSS Code. Enter the BOSS code at BSN’s authentication page. Click “OK” to complete the authentication process.
Now you can enjoy peace of mind when you shop online (internet) using your BSN Visa/MasterCard credit card thanks to the BOSS. 
When making payment for online purchases you will be required to enter a BOSS Code to complete the transaction. The BOSS Code will be sent to your registered mobile phone number with BSN at no cost.  

View our FAQ


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Overseas Card Usage

If you have received a new PIN enabled card and will be travelling overseas, ensure you have a PIN for your card before leaving Malaysia. Those countries that have not yet migrated to PIN will still require that you sign for verification of the transaction. However, because your new card supports PIN for purchases, some countries may require transactions to be completed with a PIN instead of a signature, and there is a risk of your card being rejected if you do not enter a PIN when prompted. This is why you must ensure that you know and remember your PIN before leaving the country.

Please notify us in advance if you plan to use your Card abroad to avoid card acceptance issues. Kindly contact us at 1300 88 1900.


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Enrich Miles Redemption

Live your dream! Now you can convert your BSN Happy Points to Enrich Miles and fly to your dream destination.

12,500 Rewards Points = 1,000 Enrich Miles


To convert follow these simple steps: 

  1. Print the BSN Happy Points Redemption Form
  2. Complete and sign the Redemption Form
  3. Fax to 03-2162 2659 or;

Mail to:

BSN Cards Centre 
Redemption Unit
Block  A, Ground Floor
Bank Simpanan Nasional
117, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur


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