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BSN MyRinggit

Eksekutif-1 with Floating Rate

Our BSN MyRinggit Eksekutif-1 with Floating Rate is exclusively designed to help you meet personal financing needs at rates that follow the latest market conditions.



»  Malaysian citizen aged 21 years old up to maximum age of 55 / 60* years old at the end of the loan tenure.
» Open to permanent or contract Executives and above who has working experience one (1) year and above.
» Employees of Government Link Company (GLC), Government Link Agency (GLA), Public Listed Company, Multi-National Corporation, and any organization / companies as listed by BSN.
» Minimum gross income of RM3,000 per month for permanent staff & RM10,000 for contract staff.
» BSN GIRO/i account holder.

 Note: *Subject to employer confirmation.

Documents Required

» One (1) copy of NRIC (front and back);
» One (1) copy of latest three (3) months pay slip;
» Latest EPF statement; AND
» Confirmation Letter by Employer stating the below :

    -  Name
    -  NRIC
    -  Designation
    -  Monthly Salary
    -  Date of Employment


Latest one (1) year EA / EC statement and e-filing form or any verified documents by the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN).

 Note:  All document copies to be certified by BSN’s officer.



Mode of payment is via BSN Standing Instruction
Mode of payment is via BSN Standing Instruction

Loan Limit

Minimum : RM5,000
Maximum : RM200,000

No. Income Loan Limit
1. RM3,000 to ≤ RM5,000 5x of monthly gross income
2. > RM5,000 to ≤ RM10,000 7x of monthly gross income
3. > RM10,000 10x of monthly gross income / maximum RM200,000 whichever is lower

Loan Tenure & Rates

Loan Tenure Interest Rate

Minimum  : 2 years
Maximum : 10 years 

subject to :
i. The retirement age, whichever is earlier.
ii. Customer qualification 

BR + 5.00% (monthly rest basis)


Additional 1% from the above interest rate for Loan without Insurance.

Late Payment Charge

»  Monthly installments in Arrears × 1% × Number of Days Overdue  / 365.