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TemaNiaga-i Tawarruq


If you’re ready to grow your business, we’re ready to help. TemaNiaga-i Tawarruq is a fully Shariah-compliant product that is designed to help micro entrepreneurs inject the capital they need to take their business to the next level.



» Shariah Contract

This facility is under the Tawarruq concept. Tawarruq refers to a mu`amalah with two stages of transactions. Firstly, the customer purchases an asset from the Bank at cost price plus profit payable with deferred payment. Subsequently, the customer sells the asset to a third party broker for cash.
» Financing Amount: RM5,000.00 -RM50,000.0
» Financing Period: 1-5 years.
» Business Sectors:
1. Manufacturing
2. Service
3. Retail / Wholesale


» Malaysian citizens aged 21-60 years old.
» Owns a valid business registration and / or business license.
» Business / company must be in operation for at least 2 years on full-time basis.
Without guarantor or with guarantor earning RM2,000.00 per month.
Without guarantor or with guarantor earning RM2,000.00 per month.

Required Documents

For Individual ApplicantFor Guarantor
» 2 copies of NRIC (front and back). » 2 copies of NRIC (front and back).
» A copy of business registration and / or
   business license.
» copy of Salary Slip (for past 3 months).
» Bank Statements for the past 6 months (if applicable). » A copy of Income Tax Statement
(if applicable).
» A copy of Account Passbook including BSN accounts (if applicable). » A copy of EPF Statement (if applicable).
» Other documents related to the business. E.g: utility bills, business premise's tenancy agreement » Confirmation Letter from Employer (if applicable).
» Sales Records for the past 6 months
(if applicable)


Profit rate offered from as low as 6.38% (terms and conditions apply).


How to Apply

» Download and fill up the Micro Finance Loan Application Form and send it to us.