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Will Writing

1. MyAngkasa Amanah Berhad (MAAB)
2. Amanah Raya Berhad (ARB)

MyAngkasa Amanah Berhad (MAAB)

1. What is the product about?

A Will is deed of disposition of property directing the Executor/Administrator to fully carry out the testator's wishes after his/her death. It also includes strategies for estate planning and management. Under this product MAAB is appointed as the Executor/Administrator to carry out the Customer/Testator's wishes for an agreed fee.

2. What is meant "Wasiat Terakhir".
  The Will you receive when duly signed and witnessed will automatically revoke any previous Will that you have written and will be considered as your last Will unless revoked by a subsequent Will.
3. What are the Shariah Concepts applicable?
  Wakalah concept means delegating of a responsibility that the person have (muwakkil) to another party (wakil) with specific pronouncement so that the representative perform all the responsibility accordingly.
4. Why do we need Will Writing?
  A Testator making a Will is actually performing a noble task of conveying his wishes regarding the disposition the wealth accumulated by him during his lifetime. A well planned property distribution vide a Will would ensure the properties are distributed to the loved ones for their benefit.
5. What are the benefits of making Will Writing?
  a. Appointing an Executor/Administrator vide a Will helps ease the administration of your estate upon your death.
  b. You make known your wishes as to how your estate should be distributed for the benefit of charity and your loved ones.
  c. You safeguard the future of your loved ones by formulating scheme of distribution of your choice.
  d. The appointment of a trustworthy Executor/Administrator vide your Will helps guarantee the welfare of your children (minor) when you are no longer around.
  e. Makes things easier for your heirs.
6. Fees and charges of MAAB Will Writing registration

RM 400.00* for  Muslim and Non-Muslim customer.

(*Note: Subject to the terms, conditions and current promotions / campaigns offered by BSN)



Amanah Raya Berhad (ARB)

1. Why do you need a Will?

A Will represents your responsibility to your loved ones, ensuring that your estate will be fairly distributed according to your wishes.

2. What are the advantages of making a Will and difficulties if without Will?
  a. YES, having ARB Will
    - Amanah Raya as your appointed Executor will execute according to your Will.
    - Amanah Raya to apply Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate.
    - Amanah Raya to distribute according to your Will.
  b. NO Will
    - Beneficiary(s) to appoint an Administrator.
    - Beneficiary(s) to seek and compile deceased’s assets information and documentation.
    - Beneficiary(s) to carry out self-investigation on deceased’s assets/debts.
    - Beneficiary(s) to appoint lawyer to obtain LA from Amanah Raya/Order from Land Officer/LA from High Court.
    - Administrator to realise deceased’s assets and settlement of debts.
    - Administrator to distribute assets according to Faraid or Distribution Act 1958.
3.  The advantage of having a Will with Amanah Raya.
  i. Experienced and reputable.

No conflict of interest.

  iii. Confidentiality assured.
  iv. Avoid lengthy process.
  v. Opportunity to specify your personal wishes.
  vi. Professional Consultation.
4. Fees and charges of ARB Will Writing registration

RM 500.00* for  Muslim and Non-Muslim customer.

(*Note: Subject to the terms, conditions and current promotions / campaigns offered by BSN)