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Wealth Protection


GIRO Takaful Asas

How Giro Takaful Asas helps you?

Financial protection for your family Provide your family with cash if you lose your life, so they can continue their lives without financial worries.
Financial protection for you Provide you with cash if you cannot continue to earn a living due to a total and permanent disability.
Financial protection againts inflation With Giro Takaful Asas, your sum covered increases by 5% every 3 years throughout the duration of the certificate, thus protecting your coverage against inflation.
Leave a legacy for those you love Secure your loved ones againts financial hardship in the event of your demise.
Secure your business continuity Compensate your business partners for your loss.
Minimal contribution for comprehensive benefit Ensure comprehensive financial protection with contribution from as low as RM0.67 a day!
Secure a home for your family Use the cash provided from this plan to pay off your mortgage to secure a home for your family if the unexpected happens to you.
Keep your loved ones secured from financial burdens Your family can use the takaful benefit to settle any outstanding debts.
Additional financial assistance The amount you receive from this plan is additional and on top of the amount payable to you by your employer, if any.

Assumption based on age and plan