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Wealth Protection


GIRO Takaful Sejahtera

How Giro Takaful Sejahtera helps you?

Financial support in times of need Provide you with cash if you are diagnosed with one of the covered 36 critical illnesses so you can get the necessary treatment.
Financial protection for your family Provide your family with cash if you lose your life, so they can continue their lives without financial worries.
Financial protection for you Provide you with cash if you cannot continue to earn a living due to a total and permanent disability.
Keep you away from financial stress You do not need to worry about constraints in times of crisis.
Get better medical treatment With a lump sum cash, a superior medical care is just within reach.
Minimal cost with maximum benefit Ensure comprehensive financial protection with contribution from as low as RM0.67 a day!
Secure a home for your family Use the cash provided from this plan to pay off your mortgage to secure a home for your family if the unexpected happens to you.

Assumption based on age and plan