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GIRO Takaful Impian

What does Giro Takaful Impian offers?

The Plan That Provides Security For Your Child and Rewards Excellence

» Choice of expiry age
   You can choose the plan to mature at age 25, 80 or 100.

» Vary the amount of Takaful protection
You have the option to choose from a range of sum covered for death and disability benefit without affecting your contribution amount. 

» Enhance your child’s Takaful coverage
Enhance your child’s basic protection by adding various additional benefits available such as critical illness, medical and contributor benefits. 

» Build an education fund
PruBSN’s Shariah-approved Takafulink Dana Urus fund provides a potentially higher return than a bank saving account over the long term. 

» Fund withdrawal option
Make withdrawals to suit your financial needs at any time (minimum withdrawal of RM1,000 and remaining balance after withdrawal is at least RM1,000) 

» Tax relief
This certificate may qualify you up to RM3,000 educational tax relief a year. 

» Earn Loyalty Bonus
Get a loyalty bonus worth 5% of your yearly protection contributions upon completion of the 10th certificate year, and subsequently every 3 years after that. 

» Award academic excellence
EduSmart Bonus awards your child for his of her academic excellence throughout the schooling years. The higher your contribution into the plan, the higher the award will be.

 Exam  Award (% of yearly protection contribution)  Payout Example (RM) Minimum Achievement 
 UPSR  50%  600  5As
 PMR  100%  1,200  7As
 SPM  150%  1,800  8As
 STPM or STAM  150%  1,800  4As
 Diploma or Degree  200%  2,400  3.5 CGPA or 1st Class

1. Terms and conditions apply.
2. This is the contribution allocated into your Protection Unit Account (PUA)
3. Terms and conditions apply.
4. Based on RM1,200 of yearly protection contribution. 


Basic Coverage

» Death
The sum covered and the remaining value in your account are payable in the event of death. 

» Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)
The sum covered is payable when the child is totally and permanently disabled before the age 70 or certificate expiry, whichever is earlier. 

» Benefit below the age of 5
In the event of critical illness, disability or loss of life before the age of 5, a reduced basic sum covered payable will be payable as follows. This is called a juvenile lien.

Age 1 2 3 4 5 & above
Percentage of Basic Sum
Covered Payable
20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

» Maturity Benefit
The remaining value in your account is payable upon maturity. 

» Surrender
The remaining value in your account is payable when you surrender your certificate.