Friday, 24 May 2019,   19 Ramadan 1440H
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Don't Worry

Don’t Worry Life Insurance Package Solving Life’s Worries

We believe that the secret to a good life is being free – from stress, worry and tension. Quite simply, making life easier makes people happier and their lives better. That is why we bring to you Don’t Worry life insurance package, a practical, easy and affordable insurance package that will suit your every need for a stress-free life.

1. Why Don’t Worry life insurance package?
    Don’t Worry life insurance package turns your worries into security with these benefits.

• Life Protection
  Trust us to take care of your family. In the event that the unexpected happens, a lump sum will be paid.

• Disability
  We reduce the financial burden of your loved ones by paying a lump sum if total disability happens before age of 65.

• Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke (Optional)
  Should you be diagnosed with 1 of the 3 illnesses (cancer, heart attack and stroke), a lump sum will be paid.

• Savings Benefit (Optional)
  We help lighten the burden of future life expenses with a disciplined savings habit.

2. Who can apply?
    Don’t Worry life insurance package is available to anyone from aged 6 months to 55 years.