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23 October 2015, 5pm

Following the statement on the cancellation of the BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon (BSNPNM) on 21 October 2015, the organisers have been listening closely to feedback from the public.

While we fully understand the frustration of the registered participants, we would like to stress that the cancellation of the event was in the interest of the safety and health of the runners. As we know, the severity of the hazy conditions fluctuates from time to time, making it very unpredictable.

While we would have liked to postpone instead of cancel the event, we also considered the number of upcoming events in the 4th quarter of the year. Moving the run to another date is likely to clash with other events that members of the public may have already committed to. Additionally, there are no clear indications on when the haze will fully subside, thus a postponement may risk yet another case of poor air quality, which will further frustrate the participants.

Due to public demand to hold the BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon, the 5km and 10km routes for the event will provisionally remain open for non-competitive running by members of the public. There will be no records taken of race completion or run times.

Support stations offering water and medical assistance will be opened at the previously planned locations along the 5km and 10km routes. The 5km route covers Pesiaran Perdana up to PICC traffic light and back while the 10km route covers Pesiaran Perdana, Jambatan Seri Gemilang, Lebuh Gemilang, Pesiaran Selatan, Lebuh Wadi Ehsan, Lebuh Setia and back to the venue.

Nevertheless, should the API reading for Putrajaya reach 120 or higher on Saturday evening, all support stations along the routes will be closed as it is advisable to stay indoors in such conditions. Members of the public are also urged to forgo their desire to run, as outdoor running is not advisable in such conditions. We take the health and safety of all our participants and crew seriously at all times.

All registered participants will still be able to collect their race entitlements and snack packs at the original race venue (Place of Justice, Precinct 3, Putrajaya) from 5.00pm until 10.00pm, on 24 October 2015. The BSNPNM team will be on site to assist participants should anyone have any queries or require any support. For participants who are unable to collect their entitlements during this time, alternative arrangements will be announced through the BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon website ( and Facebook page.

The support from all our participants and partners throughout this challenging weather situation is deeply appreciated.

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Running in Abnormal Conditions

  • Stay hydrated – drink sufficient amounts of water.
  • Wear a proper mask.
  • Apply skin moisturisers – certain pollutant in the air leads to itchiness, flaking and dryness.
  • Protect your eyes - bring along eye drops to moisturise and wet your eyes.
  • Bring your pump – if you have respiratory problems like asthma, it is best you pack it in. Increased foreign particle density in the air makes oxygen transfer in the lungs less efficient, causing the heart rate to generally be higher than usual.



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