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Virtual Teller Machine


Virtual Teller Machine (VTM) or Interactive Teller Machine is a device for customers to perform banking transactions while interacting with tellers located at other mini branches nationwide via video conferencing.


VTM Services Offered

Available daily, from 9.00am to 4.45pm.


» Account /Balance Enquiry
» Withdrawal (savings account)
» Cash Deposit (savings account)
» Fund transfer (BSN savings account)
» IBG (Transfer Acc not more than RM2999 only)
» Bill Payment (Round Up Amount)
» Credit Card Payment (Cash & Transfer)
» Loan Payment (Cash)
» SSP Purchase (Cash and Debit Account)
» Updated Customer Information System (CIS)
» BR1M

Future Services

 » Opening Account (Non-Passbook with Debit Card)
 » ATM Card (Dispense Card, Pin Change, Activation)


Terms and conditions apply.