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Whistleblowing Policy


Whistleblowing Policy was established as guidance for every employee and any third parties (“the Whistle Blower”)
that have business relation with Bank Simpanan Nasional (“the Bank”) to disclose information against irregular,
illegal or corrupt practices and any other wrongdoings that could lead to Inappropriate Conduct.


Inappropriate conduct covered by the WB Policy includes any conduct that:-

a)    A corrupt, criminal or other unlawful act that has been committed, is being committed or is likely to be committed;

b)    An employee has failed, refused or neglected to comply with any internal Policies and Procedures to which the
       employee is subjected to;

c)    Any matter referred to in paragraphs (a) to (b) which has been, is being or is likely to be intentionally hidden from being

d)    A situation in which the employee is involved that is in contrary to the obligation, duties and be in conflict of interest; and

e)    Any Inappropriate Conduct as listed in the BSN Code of Conduct for staff.








Whistleblowing Channel



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 If you would like to read on the statement of Whistleblowing Policy, Please click HERE for further information