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Financial Process Exchange (FPX)


What is FPX?

FPX is a convenient and secure online payment solution that allows real-time debiting of customer’s internet banking account. It also allows immediate and direct crediting into merchant’s account. FPX service is suitable for all businesses that offer products or services via the internet.

It is a real-time online payment gateway that facilitates interbank transfer of funds whenever customers make payment for their online purchases or bill payments.

Pay anywhere, anytime via FPX through your internet banking bank account. Your financial details are securely encrypted and never shared.

Customers need only their Internet Banking accounts to make payments whenever they shop at online stores or websites. All transactions and payments are secure and real-time.


FPX Business To Consumer (B2C)

This model facilitates payments by retail customers. A common use case is an individual customer having an Internet Banking account purchasing goods / services or paying bills online from a participating Seller, debiting from his/her current or savings account.

Advantages of using FPX

FPX simplify the way you pay online.

» Real-time
  Payments are processed immediately and debited from your internet banking bank account on real-time basis. You will get immediate notification of payment via online receipt.

It is reliable, convenient, guaranteed payments and easy to use and secure.

Safe and Secure

FPX uses highly secured authentication, security credentials and certification standards to ensure security of all transactions.

Transaction Limit

For retail/personal banking account:
» Minimum limit per transaction is RM1.00
» Maximum amount is limited up to RM30,000
FPX is facilitated by Malaysian Electronic Clearing Corporation (MyClear), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank Negara Malaysia. Further details can be viewed at